Reaching for Stars and the Power of Poetry

This year the Kiguli Army School, Qwela, and PDMI Publishing come together for an even better year for poetry and the power of the word. From Philip Matogo, the teacher:

Today was a good day. Chiefly, because we shot the Songs of Kiguli 2014 music video with Qwela. All told, the school was filled to the rafters with children walking on air. Even 3-year olds showed up. Since the whole community had heard that today was the day.

So kids were on the scene to be seen from 7:00am. And didn’t leave until Qwela was done at about 4:00pm. I had never taken part in a music video before. Indeed, the closest that I had ever come to being in one was when I tripped and almost rammed into a TV set while Michael Jackson was on. But today wasn’t just a Thriller. It was the bomb.

The heady mix of imagery, song and the possibility of my name being part of the credits made me feel so MTV. I even adopted that ‘I’ll have my people call your people’-speak. That said, I had a great time.
And the kids were the happiest I have ever seen them to be.

The video will be ready soon. And it might be the video of the year. Scratch that, it will be. So please, don’t change this station. Come be a part of the magic!


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