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PD14 Coming May 31st 2014!

Since its launch in March 2007 the Promo Day event has grown into a popular international event attracting thousands of visitors each year.

A whole day dedicated to promoting, networking and learning that can be attended from the comfort of your own home and completely FREE of charge. Presentations by industry experts, opportunities to promote your work and services, and the possibility to network on a global level with presenters and other attendees makes Promo Day a must attend event.

#PDMI Publishing, LLC attended #PD13 as a presenter and #PD14 is right around the corner! This event will take place on Saturday 31st May 2014. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR

Thousands of writing and marketing industry professionals from around the world will gather to celebrate #PD14, a special online event dedicated to promoting, networking and learning. Industry experts will share actionable ideas and information with tactics and strategies that will help you further your writing career and improve your book marketing efforts.

10+ presenters, one whole day of FREE presentations!​ You’ll also benefit from the networking opportunities that will connect you with presenters and attendees from around the globe. No travel required!

You simply attend from the comfort of your own home or office. Register today for this FREE event or learn more at www.PromoDay.info

About the Founder

Jo Linsdell is the brains behind Promo Day. Born in Gillingham, Kent (UK), Jo left England and moved to Rome, Italy in June 2001, where she now lives with her husband and their two sons. She is an international best-selling author and illustrator, award-winning blogger and freelance writer. A recognised thought leader in the world of book marketing she is also the CEO of Writers and Authors.

 Follow Jo on:

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PD14 presenters


13 Ways PDMI Rocked the Indie Publishing World

2013 was an amazing year for PDMI Publishing, LLC. Many new people have joined our team here at PDMI. Our printing quality and options have been greatly enhanced, and our authors are now getting their books into physical bookstores.

Our fans have shown us time and time again their love for our small publishing house. As this important and eventful year of 2013 comes to a close, we want to acknowledge our best moments of the year, and give a huge thank you to our loyal fans and team members who have made all of this possible.

  • PDMI has acquired 30+ authors, adding their works to our fast-growing catalog of titles.
  • PDMI has gained access to bookstores such as 2nd & Charles, Dragon Quills Comic Book Store, Catos, etc.
  • PDMI has established official Editorial, Marketing and Illustrator Teams.
  • PDMI has developed an industry-leading client interface where authors can log in and view what is happening with their projects, submit support tickets, access the author knowledgebase and get access to premium industry news.
  • PDMI now works with the Library of Congress to assign Control Numbers to all books.
  • PDMI’s distribution partners have increased from 20,000 online retail stores to 30,000+.
  • PDMI has become a full-fledged Traditional Publishing House, while remaining aware of the Author’s needs and concerns.
  • PDMI has established a variety of Imprints to categorize our content into specific reader genres.
  • PDMI makes extensive use of #RebelMouse to dynamically connect and manage all author content.
  • PDMI offers exclusive discounts on our titles at 55% to Distributors, Wholesalers, and Retailers; with the option to return stock.
  • PDMI’s rapid growth in the year 2013 has been skillfully orchestrated by the steady hand of Victoria Adams, our Director of Business Operations.
  • PDMI is devoted to crafting quality products in every sense of the word; from seeking out the finest and most innovative authors, to graphics design, formatting and printing quality that equal and even surpass the standards of the large New York publishing houses.
  • PDMI has been referred to as “the publisher of the future” by several noted industry insiders, who have long advocated for many of the publishing innovations that PDMI has put into practice.